In December 2014, we created a 5-year plan and strategic foundation for Piggy Bank. It is our belief that an open process will result in a more effective and fruitful strategy. 

As the project unfolds, we believe farmers from around the world will help enable and enrich the heritage breed farming movement - indeed, we regularly get emails from those in the agricultural community from as close as Florida and Texas, as far as Italy and New Zealand. 

Using the knowledge and experience of this community, we will crowdsource different ideas to create initiatives within the Piggy Bank business model. We will turn challenges into opportunities. We will conduct interviews with hundreds of experts and advisors, and we will use the ideas we glean for new applications and areas of need. We will carry out a survey of farmers and conduct face-to-face discussions in cities around the world. From business plans and supplier contacts, to info banks on heritage breeds and chefs who seek to buy them, we will create a network of agri-business solutions and best practices. The project will be published online and made available as Open Access Agriculture (OAA). 

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