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Sunday, August 13th, 3:00-7:30 pm / Broad Street NW and Poplar Street NW

Finally, a hyper-local food festival comes to Downtown Atlanta all in the name of promoting Georgia food culture. Celebrated winemakers, distillers, chefs, farmers, brewers, bartenders - some of the city’s biggest hospitality talents will take guests on a journey that is both delicious and inspiring. At the heart of the events lies a culinary initiative to educated guests on different species of peaches and pigs raised by family farmers in Georgia. 

The event will include two satellite beverage competitions. “The Peach Award” calling the nation’s top brewer’s in a quest to find the best peach fermented beer. Additionally, “PeachCask” will  challenge a group of the city’s top barkeeps to create the best cocktail infused with peach. 

1 Location + 2 Keynote Speakers
20+ Local Chefs + 10 Varieties of Peaches
10+ Local Barkeeps + Celebrated Brewers
1 Delightful Cheese Experience

Celebrating The Pig’N’Peaches: 20+ top chefs celebrate local peach varietals and heritage breed pigs through cooking for charity. Guest Experiences include:

“Peach Pastry Showcase” Heritage Lard Pastry
“The Peach Award” National Beer Contest + Call for Entries
“PeachCask” Barkeep Contest featuring Bourbon
“PeachCrudo” Peche, Crudo & Lard Bar
“PeachFlats” Wood-Fired Pizza Showcase
“PFT” Peach, Foie & Truffles Experience
“GetPicked” Pickled Peach Bar
“PeachQ” Smokey Farm Raised Meats
"Cheese Boards" A Selection of Cheese & Preserves


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