Piggy Bank is an open access model for the good food movement that is positioned globally and practiced hyper-locally. It will play an energizing role in the communities surrounding the family farming system. It will help clear a path for sustainable agriculture and enable the next level of responsible farming to grow. The key to such growth - and strength - is participation and this is where you can help as an individual or organization. We can both better and change the world one pig at a time with your help!


  • A community working together on responsible farming practices

  • An online portal that shares agricultural business plans with family farmers

  • A farm with a scientist managing singular animal health modules

  • A genetic sanctuary gifting breeding stock to new farmers and farms in need

  • A database of heritage breeds tested, evaluated, and published on a shared platform

  • A content library, including online videos, marketing briefs, and digital templates

  • An organization practicing transparency with all budgets and strategies.

  • Long-term goals to help establish parallel sanctuaries such as Chicken Bank.