Piggy Bank is a Missouri farm that will eventually house 90 breeder pigs, split evenly amongst 10 different heritage breeds. Each heritage breed cohort – known as a "genetic tower" - consists of nine pigs sourced from bloodlines chosen for efficient breeding purposes and genetic management. The goal of the farm will be to produce approximately 600 offspring each year that will be gifted, but never sold. Farmers can be gifted [6] piglets in return submitting a business plan that is approved by the board of advisors.

Those targeted for gifting include family farms starting new herds; existing farms in need of relief from eco-disasters; and culinary schools or educational partners aiming to do research or develop awareness. Breeds on the farm will include conservancy listed species (status listed) such as the Mulefoot (critical), Large Black (threatened) and Hereford (watch), and many others.