#PiggyBack – Consume for A Cause

When/Time Frame: 1 Month | The Charity Cause: Piggy Bank

What: In the name of the Piggy Bank cause , we are launching a charitable promotion that will allow us to fund and support our mission: the sharing of free heritage breed genetics and agricultural information with small and family farmers.

How: Create a month-long, week-long, or year-long promotion by choosing one of the below categories in food, beverage, or product activation. Donate $1-2 per sale (for dishes or drinks) or a percentage of total products (for beverage and product companies) during promotion.

Why - #PiggyBack Opportunity: Help put our money where our (hungry!) mouths are by giving back to a movement celebrating agricultural knowledge distribution and heritage breed pig husbandry. Give your customers the pleasure of consumption with a cause, and find an innovative way to offer new tastes or get your products in their hands. We will co-promote this to our local, regional, and national media databases and our tens and hundreds of thousands-strong mailing lists and social media platforms. Finally, beyond added value and the social benefit, we will help provide customers order sheets through our websites and events.

Chefs and restauranteurs can benefit the Piggy Bank Foundation by serving products on the #PiggyBack portfolio. A group of sellers (distillers, winemakers and food artisans) have teamed up to donate 5.55% of new sales at the end of their fiscal year. This kick-back is 100% tax-deductible for the seller and comes with zero cost to the buyer. Besides added value on the menu, restauranteurs and retailers receive a social benefit of promoting consumption for a cause. Together, we serve for a cause. At future events, Cochon555 will also provide #PiggyBack order sheets at all events in 2017 which means it's easy to find products you want and sign up. Sellers, we just need to know the product name and distributor 21 days before each event.

Consuming products means a small percentage to Piggy Bank. There are no costs, no hidden fees, just an account's decision to benefit a charity with shelf space. We call it good old fashion cause-marketing. Best of all, proceeds benefit a genetic sanctuary devoted to give free pigs and business plans to family farmers in need and continuing the education of students in culinary schools.



How: Create a menu item with heritage breed meat (ex. pork chop, pork cheeks…) and we will help brand it and cross-promote it for you.  Donation: $1-2 per #PiggyBack item sold for a year, month or week.

Cocktail Bar

How: Create a cocktail (with sponsored spirit) and we will help brand and cross-promote for you. Donation: $1 per #PIggyBack item sold for a year, month or week.

Brewery/Winery/Beverage Company

How: Choose a spirit, wine, or beverage product and flag it for #PiggyBack and give %5.55 of sales (enjoy the tax benefits).



Lacuesta Vermut, Orange Peel, Gordal Olive, Soda
restaurant will donate $1 of each drink to Piggy Bank; a charity devoted to giving free heritage breeds to farmers


Alysian Pinot Noir for Charity
winery will donate 5.55% of reveunes to Piggy Bank
restaurant will donate $1 of glass wine to Piggy Bank


Breckenridge Bourbon "Smoked Old Fashioned"
Bourbon, Ciociaro, Dry Caracao, Luxardo, Smoked Glass
distiller will provide 5.55% of revenues to benefit Piggy Bank
restaurant will donate $1 of glass wine to Piggy Bank

Cool Factor - Join #PiggyBack a national social media campaign, watch and retweet with friends in the good food community.



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