As an Individual:

  • Make a $1,000 donation, 100% tax-deductible (click here)
  • Get a group of friends, split the $1,000 contribution (click here)
  • Attend special events or dinners that support Piggy Bank 
  • Get involved in our Crowd-funding campaign later this year
  • Anytime you see #PiggyBank or #PiggyBack mentioned on a menu, buy it! 

How will founding donors be involved?

"Piggy Bank is seeking founding donors paying at minimum $1,000 annually. Donations pay for livestock facilities, feed, scientific expertise, and the labor required to raise heritage pigs in a controlled environment. Your gift allows us to gift genetics to farms in need and to share pigs with culinary schools around the country."

Founding Donor Support Includes:

Donations, participation at events, engaging as a foundation donor, or (see below) becoming a corporate and strategic partner:

Donate: Annual contributions of $1,000 will advance our mission of Open Access Agriculture (OAA). Membership in Piggy Bank includes: access to an online community of strategic partners; exclusive culinary and cultural offers; support of a movement providing a safer future for our food. Your donation will pay for building facilities, quarantine protocol, feed, and the labor necessary to properly raise heritage breed pigs.

Participate: During 2016 and 2017, Piggy Bank is hosting a series of culinary events in cities across the country, including private dinners, culinary tastings, and pop-up butcher shops. Donations are 100% tax-deductible. 

Engage: Corporate entities interested in improving the state of our country’s family farms can learn more about becoming a strategic partner by signing up below.

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