Dear Supporter & Friend, 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration of making a contribution.  This month marks the launch of our critical end-of-year campaign. Our goal is to raise $100,000; these funds go directly to cover build-out and annual expenses for Piggy Bank.

We need to work together to build a foundation for safer, high quality food. The Piggy Bank foundation will help save farms in wake of a disaster (flood, fire, disease). Piggy Bank will provide those new-to-market farmers with free genetics, and it will grant access to business plans and sales networks to help make their businesses successful.

With your support, we can push for Piggy Bank to become fully operational. Individuals or businesses can make a 100% tax-deductible contribution as an investment in a safer, more honest, and delicious food future. Your contributions will help put new family farms in business each year, and also help provide culinary students with whole pigs for education and research. We need 150 Charter Members – just over three per state – giving $1,000 each to make this happen. Any contribution is welcome, please pick a level comfortable for you.

You don’t have to wait, make your end-of-year contribution today. 

Your support will also advance our mission of Open Access Agriculture (OAA). This means we will be freely sharing information about science, development, staff roles, sales, marketing – every aspect of heritage breed pig farming. We hope to create a movement that will benefit not only today’s farmers, but tomorrow's youth. Please consider making a contribution to Piggy Bank today and help us change the future of our food:

As an Individual or Business, you can:

  • Make a 100% tax-deductible donation
  • Get a group and split up the $1,000 donation
  • Anytime you see #PiggyBack mentioned on a menu, order it!
  • Enroll in our national #PiggyBack incentive program
  • Participate in our #PiggyBack promotions in food and beverage
  • Host an event (email
  • Buy pork from the Pop-Up Butcher Shop @Cochon555 events
  • Become a strategic partner or advisor (click here)

Piggy Bank is:

  • Open Access Agriculture (OAA)
  • an entry point for new farmers
  • a charitable farm and research operation
  • an agricultural network providing free information, connections, and ideas to farmers
  • an online exchange for heritage breed pig farming business plans

Piggy Bank will not profit from any farmers, pigs, or information being sold, ever. Recipient farms will receive a starter kit of living heritage breed pig genetics, and free access to a powerful network of regional buyers. We will help farmers sell their pigs, chefs will cook their pork, and in the future we will eat safer food with our children. Your support will help us create a dynamic landscape of small and family farms. 

In our future we invest and in family farms we trust. 

Gratefully yours,

Brady Lowe and The Piggy Bank Team